-------WORLD OF PIVILEGES-------

We realize the dream of peaceful large family, with all details of the quality and luxury life. Everything was prepared for you with due attention..

-------See our Quality in Details-------

The first thing coming to a mind about Bizim Evler is its good quality. We further move up the quality level to the peak in Bizim Evler 6 Gökkuşağı Houses. Each of the items from built in kitchenware through bathroom and floor parquets to kitchen cabinets was selected from the best quality ones in their classes.

We designed all details by working on the preferences of the users and considering your comfort. As you will experience what we did for your satisfaction you will feel that your life has becoming easier.

-------Shopping, Fashion and Entertainment met at Bizim Street-------

In Bizim Evler 6 you will not go to shopping but you will go down for shopping. Because there is shiny shopping street available for you being full of lights at all times in a day that you will find tens of stores and hundreds of brands.

Aren’t you bored of shopping at the malls in the dry air of the air conditioners without knowing when the Sun went down? Instead of multi-floor and closed shopping mall increasing more and more everyday in Istanbul, the shopping center with “street concept” applied in larger areas is coming to the forefront. And we designed “Bizim Street” with due care in order to fulfill all your needs. Designed considering this fact, Bizim Street which will bring a different perspective to shopping culture thanks to innovative street concept will realize the shopping street concept Bizim Street combines the bazaar environment we all know with the shopping center systematic offering a comfortable experience. This is a brand new concept from which both store owner and customers will enjoy.

60 stores of Bizim Street attract customers rambling on the Street with the products exhibited at the large displays of each store.

-------Enjoy the Crystal Clear Fresh Air-------

We allocated more than 85 of the Project as green area and recreation area. This proves our consideration for green. This is because we do not construct only houses but lives here. You will leave yourself at the arms of the colors every morning.

The jogging track of 1 km and bicycle track that we designed for those loving being in the green with the fresh clean air of Ispartakule, the waterfalls that you will enjoy the soothing sound of water, ponds and decorative bridges, pergolas prepared for chitchatting with your friends, and the village café are among the social facilities of the Project.

You will be able to play tennis with your neighbor as your kids will play football with his friends. There will be sport fields available for you in which you will strengthen your friendships and enjoy the ream sports.

-------Best Address for Profitable Investments-------

The new city to be established at the European side start with Ispartakule. Ispartakule will be at the heart of the projects such as “Sağlık Kent (Health City), Kanal Istanbul (Channel Istanbul), Metro, North Marmara Highway, 3rd Airport Project” which will shape the future of Istanbul. At the metro Projects declared by the metropolitan Municipality, Ispartakule shall have Metro in 2019. One of the connection roads to the North Marmara Highway will be from Ispartakule.

Since it is located adjacent to Kucukcekmece Lake probably will host projects with Channel Istanbul Project, it will be adjacent to the Channel Istanbul project. Also, it is surrounded at the north by Bio-Istanbul project and, at the south with Kucukcekmece lake being closed for constructions. Your time will not be wasted on the road but in the privileged world of your new life thanks to the special location of Bizim Evler 6 Gökkuşağı Houses. Your new life will be right in front of you when you will turn at TEM Ispartakule junction.

-------Professional Site Management-------

Enjoy your life, and leave the management to professionals. Feel the security. Vehicle and passenger entrance on 7/24 basis, expert security personnel, closed circuit security cam system, intercom system at each apartment, fire and smoke alarm…

We will be I charge so that you may feel safe at Bizim Evler 6 Gökkuşağı Houses. You will be working out at the social facilities with professional sport trainers. Clean building, clean site, healthy living. More green, colorful, organized… Trees growing by time, flowers opening each spring will require regular maintenance for healthy and orderly appearance. Our gardens to be maintained by professional teams periodically will turn into a forest by time. Technical maintenance shall be conducted regularly for full working of all systems by the expert teams on their fields.

-------Open Air Theater-------

You will enjoy the theater at the open air. The joy of summer theater full of nostalgia will be revitalized at Bizim Evler Gökkuşağı House.

Soda, ice cream, pop corn… Only lacking the neighbors attempting to watch the movie at their balconies from the old open air cinema enjoyment. Everything will be as seventies except the new vision films. You will be able to enjoy open air cinema at the terrace of the open air cinema with your neighbors during the summer evenings.

We have been waiting for you at Bizim Evler 6 Gökkuşağı to continue open air theater tradition started to be forgotten and to carry forward it to the next generations.

-------Leave some place for sport in your life-------

Bizim Evler has been continuing to compete itself. Because, you will find two swimming pools not only one. While you enjoy the swimming pools designated exclusively for men and women separately you will notice the difference of Bizim Evler.

Our sport facilities have special areas consisting of fitness, pool and SPA sections. You will be accompanied with the most advanced exercise tools and the professional trainers being expert on their fields, and you will be having the quality service you deserve.

Your closed sport hall will be available for you for basketball and football that you play in open air at summer times. We designed everything to allow you to experience sport enjoyment without interruption for 12 months.

“İhlas Yapı, Has the right to make modifications in the project. Approved projects are mainly municipalities”