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----Shopping, Fashion and Entertainment…All together walks on Bizim Cadde ----

Our residents in Bizim Evler 6 Gökkuşağı Konutları (Bizim Evler 6 Gökkuşağı Residences) do not “go out” for shopping, they only “go down” for shopping! Because, we built a brilliant shopping street where you can find tens of stores and hundreds of world brands in every time of day..

Don’t you get bored of shopping without knowing if the Sun set or not in company with the dry air of air conditioners? A new trend in Istanbul is “street shopping” in wide open areas for shopping rather than multi-floor and closed shopping malls. And we design “Bizim Cadde” precisely just for you to meet all your needs… Bizim Cadde, which shall bring a new perspective for shopping with its innovative street culture, brings shopping street concept to life from that perspective. The bazaar culture, which is familiar to all of us gathers with a comfortable shopping mall system. This is a new concept which both store owners and customers enjoy much.

Bizim Cadde helps customers to focus on products while they are wandering on the street for shopping with large and wide display cases of each 60 stores.